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How Do I Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person?

As a successful leader, you know how frustrating it is when you begin to realize that one of your team members isn’t a good fit. You notice an issue and it begins to gnaw at you and then eventually it keeps you up at night. You hope the problem will go away, but it actually grows worse over time.

The time and financial cost of finding, hiring and training a team member who must ultimately be replaced by someone else who you have to find, hire and train is enormous. The opportunity cost is even greater. But how can you avoid it?

How Do I Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person?

We guide our clients through a patented process called Job Benchmarking in order to avoid making a bad hire. It works like this:

  1. Identify a job on the team
  2. Identify a small group of people who clearly understand the job
  3. Gather these Subject Matter Experts to complete a job assessment
  4. Combine the assessment results from the group into a single profile or,...
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