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We believe the humans working for you are more than just capital

Kutsko Consulting diagnoses the inevitable unhealthy behaviors that plague your workforce and then equips your leaders to scale without losing the soul of your organization.

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Customer Testimonials

“We have unique challenges in the medical field as it relates to growing healthy, empathetic teams.

Partnering with Kutsko Consulting made a huge difference as our team learned how to effectively communicate and work together in a productive, collaborative environment."

"My experience with the team at Kutsko Consulting was beyond satisfactory!

Working closely with Loren made a high impact on the beginning of my leadership experience.

Early on my team needed adjusting, and I need to refine my manager skills; Loren helped make the process go efficiently."

"The bottom line is that our team has become more effective because of the training received through Kutsko Consulting.

We have depended on the team at Kutsko Consulting for every hire we’ve made since I became President and the culture of our whole organization is better because of it.”

“When I started as the Chief Talent and Culture Officer and began getting to know my new team, the work that Kutsko Consulting had done before I arrived was incredibly helpful. It was a crucial part of my first 30-day plan and made it much easier for me to do my job. We are now off and running!”

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