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How Much is Talent Development Really Going to Cost?

How much do talent development services cost?

This, of course, is always one of the first questions a team leader has when starting the research process for talent development services.  Here at Kutsko Consulting, I'd imagine we receive these questions dozens of times a year, likely within the first couple of conversations.

But we get it.  Price matters (along with many other factors). Setting a yearly budget for talent development is wise and we are glad you asked.  It can certainly dictate what services and growth you're able to achieve in the long run.  You need to be able to develop an initial budget and plan for the ongoing costs, no matter what you decide to do about talent development, employee retention, and people engagement.

As you might imagine, though, the problem with answering this question is the fact that each team we work with has so many unique needs to consider that it can be tough to truly know the price to develop and align a...

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