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Are you a socially regulated leader?

Social Regulation is your ability to influence the emotional clarity of others. You do this through a proficiency in managing relationships and building networks. There are numerous and varied abilities involved in building a network of good relationships. Leaders with high social regulation can “take the emotional temperature” of others and then respond and adapt in ways that build rapport and common ground.

Are you a socially regulated leader?

You are probably in a leadership role because you have already developed your social regulation skill to some degree. The most effective leaders are not only able to regulate their own emotions, but they are good at reading and regulating the emotions of others. If the members of your team are in a good emotional state, they will likely be much more productive. That is the time to capitalize and bring on new projects and challenges. If the emotional state of the team is weak, however, it may make more sense to pull back and work within comfort zones until positive emotions rise again. A more advanced leader will learn how to regulate the environment to bring his/her employees back to a positive emotional state in order to enhance healthy team growth, collaboration and effectiveness.

To improve your social regulation, you can ask yourself:

  • What could or should I utilize in this situation?
  • Why should / shouldn’t I utilize them?
  • How can I positively influence this situation, to leave it better than I found it?

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