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The 8 Ways Your Team Members Behave

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Are you ready to go a little deeper into the psychology of observable human behavior, otherwise known as "DISC?" Similar to how we went through the 12 Driving Forces we will now be going over each of the 8 Behavioral Segment Definitions that make up the TTI DISC Wheel. Each member of your team falls primarily into one of these segments.

Here are the definitions of each:

  • CONDUCTOR - D - People who tend to be direct, decisive, and seek results.
  • PERSUADER - D/I - People who tend to convince others by appealing to reason, understanding, or emotion.
  • PROMOTER - I - People who tend to verbalize many thoughts to influence outcomes.
  • RELATER - I/S - People who tend to take their time, think positively, and are focused on interpersonal relationships.
  • SUPPORTER - S - People who tend to be champions of sound ideas, working steadily and diligently to ensure a project is fully realized.
  • COORDINATOR - S/C - People who tend to be fact-oriented and adhere to proven methods to complete projects and tasks.
  • ANALYZER - C - People who tend to seek out accuracy in all activities and ensure the highest quality possible by gathering precise data.
  • IMPLEMENTER - C/D - People who tend to assess, leverage facts and figures, and advance toward a solution.

Do these sound familiar? Do you see yourself in the descriptions? What about your team members?

Behavioral style is not skill level or motivation, so really any DISC style can do any job by adapting themselves to match the work that needs to be done. However, some work comes more easily than others and some relationships come more easily than others and DISC style can often be used to help more clearly understand those dynamics.

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