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Why is it important to understand my style as a leader?

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As it relates to growing a healthy team, one question we've been hearing a lot lately at Kutsko Consulting has been...

Why is it important to understand my style as a leader?

As a leader, you have a big job and people depend on you. Leadership is a skill that you can develop and, like any skill, it will dull if you aren't intentional about sharpening it. We define leadership as organizing and influencing people to believe in a vision while creating a sense of purpose and direction.

How developed is your leadership competency? If you've taken our TriMetrix DNA assessment you can find out by looking on the Development Indicator page of your report which should be around page 40-41.

The first step to developing your leadership competency is to clearly understand yourself and the unique leadership style you offer, so that you can lead from your strengths and adapt your weaknesses to the various people you lead and environments where you work.

If you want to see how your skills have improved since the last time you took the assessment, click here to take it again. Use the coupon code, "RETAKE" to bypass the payment screen.

Now that you know how you lead and how you can lead more effectively, what are you doing to do about it?

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