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Lattice vs. 15Five vs. Culture Amp

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Creating a fulfilling, purposeful, and successful work environment is critical for retaining employees.  Lattice, 15Five, and Culture Amp are software options that provide an effective means of assessing the health of an organization and offer ways to improve a company’s culture. Each of them recognizes the importance of a fulfilling employee experience. It’s not just about the perks a company offers. It also involves personal and career development. The individuals want to do their best on the job. So how do you know which one will be the right fit for your organization?  



First Impressions

Our initial assessment of Lattice was that it is a good fit for the OKR method. It is user-friendly to make getting started easier, especially for individuals new to this type of software. It offers several training options, which is a significant point in its favor. According to a recent Gartner report, employees who are fully satisfied with their work experience are 60 percent more likely to stay with their current employer.

15Five works with two key areas for creating a culture of collaboration. It boosts employee engagement by focusing on communication. That gives workers a say in developing their career development plans. According to the Gallup State of the Workplace Report, less than 30 percent of employees feel they have a voice in these matters. 15Five also helps managers become better team leaders.

Culture Amp focuses on improving a company’s culture through tools, such as employee feedback surveys. These data can help HR managers create a better working environment for improving morale and team engagement. The benefits extend to the organization. Companies that prioritize a culture of collaboration are up to 5.5 times more likely to be high-performance leaders in their industry.

We have three employee engagement software options that emphasize unique ways to improve the worker experience. Employers benefit from having a more engaged staff. Employees can meet their expectations for job satisfaction. Things to consider when evaluating these products include:

  • Career development plans
  • Individual and team goal management
  • Check-in and performance reviews
  • Reporting and analytical tools
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support

Let’s do a deep dive into what each of these three employee engagement software options brings to the table.


Lattice incorporates the features that HR leaders need to foster employee engagement with its flexibility emphasis fueled by continuous feedback. It concentrates on improving a company’s culture, starting with the needs of the individual. Transparency and up-to-date information are at the crux of its functionality. The software strives to provide the tools that organizations need to drive employee performance.

Employee and Learning Management

Lattice is a SaaS, cloud, or web-based product that offers documentation, webinars, and live online training for employee growth planning. We liked its emphasis on collaborative strategies with clear paths for advancement. It simplifies the process with its intuitive interface for employees and admin for goal setting.

Managers can provide more constructive guidance through its 360-Degree Feedback. It includes tools for setting and tracking goals with real-time analytics. We liked its Negative Feedback Management to foster a positive work environment. The On-Going Performance Tracking Also makes 1:1s more productive. Managers can focus on facilitating long-term career growth to keep employees engaged.

Of course, everyone likes a pat on the back for their hard work. The Employee Recognition feature makes it happen. Integration with Slack provides team members a way to publicly praise their co-workers for providing more meaningful and motivating social support. 

Engagement and Feedback Surveys

Lattice includes engagement, eNPS, and pulse surveys to provide management with valuable insights into the state of its company culture and level of engagement. Managers will appreciate the ability to connect performance with engagement metrics to leverage the employees’ strengths optimally. The Benchmarking feature allows you to gauge the health of your teams over time.

Planning and Progress Tracking

Lattice gives employees input in their career growth to collaborate with their managers in the planning process. Employers can use Lattice to empower their leaders with coaching skills to motivate their teams. With its 1:1 follow-up and OKR tracking features, they can meet the corporate objectives with timely reminders.

Another area where Lattice succeeds is its seamless transition into the remote workplace. It offers integrations with several apps, including G Suite (Google Workspace), Salesforce, and BambooHR. The software also helps managers stay on point with 1:1s through the dashboard for People teams and its Review Cycle Tracking feature. It streamlines the process for both employers and employees.

Customer Support and Ease of Use

Lattice provides customer support through email, chat, and its extensive knowledge base. The interface is also user-friendly and employees will enjoy using it. The email reminders and next actions are helpful features for keeping everyone in the loop. Implementation of the software is simple, too. It delivers what it promises, making it an excellent value for small businesses to large enterprises.


  • Many useful integrations
  • The streamlined performance review process
  • Schedule of Events interface
  • Ease of use


  • Some simplistic functionality
  • Poor mobile app design



One of the standout features of 15Five is how it simplifies communication between team members in the office and remote workers. It is a complete performance management platform. It stands out from other software because of its emphasis on positive psychology in its implementation. That makes it an excellent choice for organizations that want to improve their company culture.

Employee and Learning Management

15Five scores high marks for its employee engagement features that make implementing performance management software a no-brainer. It succeeds on several fronts. The weekly check-ins make consistent and clear communication easy between the management and their staff. They facilitate feedback between team members for improved productivity and employee performance.

Following the review, cycles is simple, too. The 360-Degree Feedback feature provides helpful insights to both employers and employees. Learning management starts at the top with its manager coaching program. It helps leaders develop the soft skills that motivate teams and improve an organization’s bottom line. 15Five also provides a means to evaluate the impact of this training.

Engagement and Feedback Surveys

The company’s use of positive feedback comes into play with its engagement surveys. Managers can choose between 30 templates and 120 questions to take the pulse of their teams. You can also create customized forms to gauge what matters most to your organization. Leaders will gain valuable insights into the perceived psychological safety of their staff with assessments of their personal strengths.

15Five creates a safe environment for the employees to provide candid comments with its Anonymous Feedback feature. The surveys will also help management evaluate the engagement of their team members for improving their company cultures.

Planning and Progress Tracking

15Five has several tools for facilitating planning and progress tracking with a multi-faceted approach. It includes goal setting at the individual, subordinate, and corporate levels. It clarifies it with line-of-sight-visibility for aligning the employee’s objective with the organization. We liked the non-hierarchical goal setting option to allow managers to think outside of the box with official reporting.

Leaders will find the KPI Monitoring feature helps to track the organization’s objectives. Accountability and transparency are baked into the software to drive performance. It’s also designed with the hybrid workplace in mind to keep the lines of communication open. A key feature underlying its tracking interface is a user-friendly interface to save time and improve productivity.

Customer Support and Ease of Use

15Five provides customer support through chat, email, its community forum, and knowledge base. Like comparable products, it has web-based, SaaS, and cloud deployment options. It also has a desktop version for Windows and Mac, along with iPhone and Android apps. The latter is the weakest of its offerings. Otherwise, 15Five is easy to use with its intuitive interface.


  • Weekly check-ins and 1:1 meeting tracking
  • Intuitive interface
  • Well-designed performance tools
  • High Five feature
  • Positive psychology approach


  • Some unused features
  • No onboarding support


Culture Amp

The Australia-based Culture Amp is one of the older employee engagement software options. Its name says it all. Like 15Five, it relies on research by data scientists and psychologists to create a platform that engages and motivates employees. It works by helping employers understand their people to create a culture of effective collaboration. It emphasizes upskilling both managers and employees.

Employee and Learning Management

The foundation of Culture Amp’s employee development is ongoing feedback and powerful insights from its suite of customizable reporting tools. The information is detailed and provides actionable steps.

Another helpful feature is Culture Amp’s daily micro‑learnings for managers. They use science-based methods to develop the skills they need to be successful leaders with highly actionable exercises. The techniques work, too, based on positive user feedback. They give employers the tools they need to inspire and motivate their teams.

Engagement and Feedback Surveys

One of the many strengths of Culture Amp is the ease of creating, distributing, and analyzing employee engagement surveys. It provides over 30 templates for assessing DEI, wellbeing, 180-degree and 360-degree feedback surveys. You can customize them to fit your organization’s needs. The software also supports anonymous feedback to get honest observations on the state of the company’s culture.

One of Culture Amp’s unique features is its turnover prediction forecast. It allows you to identify flight risks and the reasons that affect their engagement and performance. The software also offers benchmarking to follow the trends in your organization’s culture. You can also view how your workplace environment stands compared to other companies in your industry.

Planning and Progress Tracking

Culture Amp prioritizes communication as the best tool for planning and progress tracking. The software makes it simple to track goals with several available processes, including SMART, OKRs, and MBOs. You can customize it to fit your organization’s preferred method. Its calibration tools are top-notch for providing unbiased views of your company’s performance across the board.

The software takes a multi-voice approach to feedback gleaned during tracking, with self-assessments, peer reporting, and supervisor input. Culture Amp also supports integrations with many useful apps, including Microsoft Teams, Chrome, and Namely. It’s worth noting that Slack uses this employee engagement software.

Customer Support and Ease of Use

Customer support is outstanding, with options to reach out via email, chat, phone, or the community forum. The knowledge base is well-written and straightforward. The interface is user-friendly for both admin and employees. It’s easy and intuitive to navigate, with seamless employee data migration. The automated survey launch and operation ensure you stay on time with deadlines and reporting.


  • Learning opportunities from daily micro‑learnings for managers
  • Turnover prediction forecast
  • User-friendly interface
  • Science-based methodology
  • Excellent Slack integration


  • Best for smaller organizations
  • Limited branding customization

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 has changed the workplace in unprecedented ways, most telling in the employee turnover rates. However, it’s a trend that has been brewing under the surface for years as individuals question the direction of their organizations and their effects on the employees’ work-life balance. That makes employee engagement software vital to an organization’s culture and a worthwhile investment.

Lattice, 15Five, and Culture Amp all recognize the importance of a fulfilling employee experience. It’s not just about the perks a company offers. It also involves personal and career development. The individuals want to do their best on the job. These software options all provide an effective means of assessing the health of an organization and offer ways to improve a company’s culture.

We liked the integration of science into the 15Five and Culture Amp platforms. They fall in line with employees wanting their employers to take an interest in their mental health.

Lattice is an ideal performance management solution that is user-friendly and intuitive for companies using the OKR method. HR leaders who want to build and maintain a positive working environment will find 15Five insight and learning opportunities invaluable. Culture Amp is an excellent choice for smaller companies willing to invest the time and effort in their culture. It all starts with open communication.

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