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Are you an OBJECTIVE or harmonious leader?

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Have you ever noticed some people seek function in their surroundings while others seek to fully experience their surroundings?

What is the OBJECTIVE Driving Force?

People with Objective as their primary Driving Force are driven by the functionality and objectivity of their surroundings. They make up 12% of the population.

These individuals are energized by things like:

  • Compartmentalizing
  • Providing tangible outcomes
  • Deciding based on data

And stressed out by things like:

  • Being subjective
  • Prioritizing appearance over function
  • Pursuing intangible ideas

Some Words that Work for these individuals are:

  • Detach
  • Function
  • Reality

And, some Words that Don’t Work for these individuals are:

  • Experience
  • Harmony
  • Subjective

Is this you? Who do you have on your team who is driven this way? Do you have a clear understanding and appreciation of team members like this? Are these characteristics present or missing from your team? Do they or would they benefit the team? Are you as the leader doing things that energize or create unnecessary friction for these members of your team?

You can learn more about all 12 Driving Forces by downloading our free guide here.

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