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Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

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Now that we’ve reviewed DISC, the science of observable human behavior, and Driving Forces, the “why” that propels us into action, we’re going to explore Emotional Intelligence, which is also often referred to as EQ or “Emotional Quotient.”

Emotional Intelligence is a quality that people possess at a root-level that can impact our ability to use our skills or talents to be effective. Another way to say this is, a person’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

Our emotions are a significant part of our whole selves as human beings and in order to truly understand ourselves, we must be aware of what we are feeling. Harnessing our emotions, motivating ourselves and understanding and influencing the emotions of others are also key indicators of effectiveness at work and in life.

Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

Our EQ assessment measures your level of development in five key areas that fall into two categories: 1) self and 2) others:

Emotional Intelligence - Self:

What goes on inside of you as you experience day-to-day events.

  1. Self-Awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your moods, emotions, and drives, as well as their effect on others.
  2. Self-Regulation is the ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods and the propensity to suspend judgment and think before acting.
  3. Motivation is a passion to work for reasons that go beyond one’s external Driving Forces and are based on an internal drive or propensity to pursue goals with energy and persistence.

Emotional Intelligence - Others:

What goes on between you and others.

  1. Social Awareness is the ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people and how your words and actions affect them.
  2. Social Regulation is your ability to influence the emotional clarity of others through a proficiency in managing relationships and building networks.

Over the next few weeks, we will be going over each of these five areas in more depth.

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