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As a Manager Do You Celebrate Your Team? Take This Quiz to Find Out!



For each question, choose the answer that best describes your current approach as a manager. Be honest; there are no wrong answers! At the end, tally up your points to see how well you're doing at creating a "winning" environment.


  1. How do you celebrate team achievements?

    • A) We don't really celebrate. (0 points)
    • B) We send a congratulatory email. (1 point)
    • C) We have a small in-office celebration. (2 points)
    • D) We go all out with a team outing. (3 points)
  2. What's your immediate reaction when your team hits a milestone?

    • A) I immediately ask, "What's next?" (0 points)
    • B) I acknowledge it but move on quickly. (1 point)
    • C) I give everyone a high-five. (2 points)
    • D) I stop everything to celebrate the win. (3 points)
  3. How do you describe team achievements?

    • A) We met our objectives. (0 points)
    • B) We reached a milestone. (1 point)
    • C) We achieved our goals. (2 points)
    • D) We won! (3 points)
  4. How often do you offer personalized rewards?

    • A) Never. (0 points)
    • B) Rarely. (1 point)
    • C) Sometimes. (2 points)
    • D) Frequently. (3 points)
  5. How do you foster team unity?

    • A) I don't focus on that. (0 points)
    • B) I encourage professional development. (1 point)
    • C) I organize team-building exercises. (2 points)
    • D) I create opportunities for team wins. (3 points)


  • 0-5 Points: Room for Improvement - It's time to focus more on creating a "winning" culture within your team.

  • 6-10 Points: On the Right Track - You're making good progress but could take more steps to foster a "winning" environment.

  • 11-15 Points: Winning Leader - Congratulations! You're successfully fostering a culture of "winning" within your team.


Whether you're coaching a middle school volleyball team or leading a corporate team, the principles of fostering a "winning" culture remain the same. Use this quiz as a starting point to evaluate and improve your leadership style, and remember—winning isn't just about the scoreboard; it's about team unity, morale, and ongoing success.

The quiz was inspired by the insights of Lauren Marie Kutsko, an executive coach and founder of Kutsko Consulting. Visit her website at


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