Grow A Healthy Team

People are more than their skills and education. Leaders that consider each team member holistically are much more likely to build a healthy team.  We help you discover, develop, and align your team for success.

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Our Approach to People Enablement


Using predictive analytics, our assessment tools provide data to help our customers best understand themselves and their teams. This data is customized per company and helps tells the story behind each organization’s unique culture.


Throw out pre-planned teaching schedules, content, and lectures, and expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles through an individual holistic approach. The price of failed leadership is already too high for us not to develop it.


Improve effectiveness, increase satisfaction and accomplish your goals with a team that clearly understands the objective. When each individual understands how their specific contribution deeply impacts the end result and you have alignment.

"I loved this team meeting! I think the material is very interesting and the presenters are very engaging."

"This was incredible! This type of development is critical to healthy leadership, but sadly is too often neglected."

"I found this to be very helpful with very helpful facilitators."

"I thought the meeting was great, it helped me to understand the results and learn about others on my team. I think this will be very beneficial."

"Lauren was incredible, thoroughly enjoyed the time!"

Area Director

"Lauren was great. Very easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and helpful. I really appreciated her insight and, at times, encouragement... would definitely recommend you guys based on my experience so far."

"Really appreciated and enjoyed the comfortable, relaxed environment that Lauren provided to have an open conversation. Left the meeting feeling affirmed in the gifts and skills I bring to my organization, as well as with some helpful tools to begin implementing better communication and empathy with my team. Thank you!"

"Everyone on our team feels like they have a friendship with the Kutsko Consulting team. They are extremely relational and professional. Our team is now able to communicate more effectively and avoid stressful misunderstanding. The bottom line is that our team has become more effective because of the services we are receiving from Kutsko Consulting."

Executive Director

"Woke up on fire today because of you! I have often ran away from always being the odd man out because I stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. I literally almost burst into tears at the table yesterday when you told me that it was truly ok to remain the same because I produce change that’s needed in the world. Thank you! I feel so free and renewed."

Our Clients Are Our Passion

We dramatically improve the way leaders lead and teams collaborate. Our success is a result of our clients' passion, hard work and fortitude as they pursue health. Here are a few of the teams we've had the pleasure of working with.

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