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There are just eight key drivers you need to use to make your team as engaged and productive as possible

It's a fact -- organizational leaders who make a plan and engage their people are the ones whose teams advance their mission and surpass their objectives. Your Team Health Score is the trailhead that puts you and your team on the path to summit your team's next challenge in the most collaborative way possible.

  • Team Trust
  • Team Purpose
  • Team Communication
  • Team Collaboration
  • Team Accountability
  • Team Compatibility
  • Team Clarity
  • Team Development

Our 5-minute questionnaire and the Team Health Score you receive afterward will help you understand the health of your team and take action right away to make improvements.

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Team Health Score Survey

Understand the health of your team by having actionable insights. Learn about how your team currently works and where there are areas for improvement. Plan and implement our proven collaboration practices. The survey takes about 15 minutes. After completing it you will receive an overall Team Health Score Summary Page.

Get Your Team Health Score Now
Health score survey
Health score survey

8 Dimensions of a Healthy Team

Team leaders are now at the forefront of every workplace. Their role now demands more than ever. Regardless of how your new workplace operates, it’s crucial for every leader to have the skills required to keep up and lead the way at enabling thriving teams. Your overall Team Health Score is broken down into a score for each of the 8 Dimensions of a Healthy Team so you can know exactly where to focus your limited energy in order to level up your team.

Get Your Team Health Score Now

Complimentary Team Health Score Review

Each team can feel like a massively complex puzzle, always changing and evolving. Mastering your team’s dynamics is only possible when each team member is understood and their managers are meeting them where they are. After you receive your Team Health Score Summary Page you are eligible to review the results with an expert.

Get Your Team Health Score Now
Health score survey

How Healthy is Your Team?

  • Does the team you manage feel stuck?
  • Do you get home from work every day feeling drained and discouraged?
  • Are you dreading the next time you have to hire or fire someone?

These are all normal experiences when your work is leading others. Managing a team is hard. Finding and hiring the right fit can often seem like a shot in the dark.

Although this might be a normal experience for leaders, we don’t believe this is the way it should be. The team you manage should be growing, work should give you energy, and hiring should be an exciting and confident process.

We want to help flip your script on organizational leadership. With custom training, proven coaching programs, and the best hiring assessments in the world, Kutsko Consulting can help you manage effectively, lead confidently, and grow intentionally.

All you have to do to get started is get your Team Health Score. Then, schedule a complimentary review session with our consultants who have been there before. Together you will make a plan and then you'll get to watch as your growing team becomes healthier and more engaged!

Get Your Team Health Score Now

It's Time To Engage Your Team

1. Get Your Overall Score

Go beyond the data and develop proven strategies to bring out the best in your team.

2. Learn the 8 Dimensions

Gain confidence and clarity to advance beyond where most team leaders get stuck.

3. Schedule Your Complimentary Review

Understand who is on your team and how to effectively challenge and grow each person.

Get Your Team Health Score Now

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“The Emotional Intelligence learning I participated in was one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had as a leader and I can’t wait for my whole team to be able to experience it too.”

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