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Episode 5: Social Regulation: A Key to Emotional Intelligence

Season #2

Host: Lauren Marie Kutsko, Executive Coach and Co-Owner of Kutsko Consulting

Guest: Caleb Mitchell MDIV, MAC, LPC, and Co-Owner of both The Phoenix Counseling Collective and The Wellness Collaborative

Episode Overview: In this episode of the Integrated Leader Podcast, host Lauren Marie Kutsko, an executive coach, is joined by Caleb Mitchell, a licensed therapist, to explore the concept of social regulation, a crucial aspect of emotional intelligence. They discuss its impact on relationships and professional networks, offering insights into how to cultivate this skill for personal and professional success.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Understanding Social Regulation:

    • Social regulation involves managing relationships and building networks by understanding and communicating emotions effectively.
    • It's essential for navigating complex social situations and forming meaningful connections.
  2. Challenges in Social Regulation:

    • Common issues include lack of emotional awareness, poor communication skills, limited social exposure, introversion, social anxiety, and past negative experiences.
  3. Overcoming Avoidance of Social Regulation:

    • Addressing fears of rejection, feeling overwhelmed, and doubts about improving social skills.
    • The importance of embracing social regulation for better relationships and professional opportunities.
  4. Steps to Cultivate Social Regulation:

    • Developing emotional awareness and empathy.
    • Enhancing communication skills through various methods.
    • Expanding comfort zones through diverse social experiences.
    • Establishing healthy boundaries and practicing conflict resolution.
    • Reflecting on interactions for continuous improvement.
  5. Role of Leaders in Fostering Social Regulation:

    • Creating safe, inclusive environments for open communication and trust.
    • Providing resources for growth and modeling effective communication and emotional intelligence.
  6. Conversation with Caleb Mitchell:

    • Insights on managing social anxiety and the importance of self-regulation.
    • Strategies for leaders to encourage team alignment and address conflicts.
    • The role of empathy in understanding others and the importance of external advisors or coaches.
  7. Conflict Resolution Techniques:

    • Focusing on mutual goals rather than individual wins or losses.
    • Building trust as the foundation for effective teamwork and conflict resolution.

Conclusion: Lauren Marie concludes the episode by reiterating the importance of social regulation in leadership and emotional intelligence, reminding listeners that business is personal and excellence in these skills is crucial.

Next Episode Teaser: Stay tuned for more episodes on emotional intelligence, where we will continue to delve into its various aspects and their practical applications in leadership.

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  • Caleb Mitchell: Licensed Therapist

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