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Episode 4: Exploring Social Awareness and Leadership

Season #2

Host: Lauren Marie Kutsko, Executive Coach and Co-Owner of Kutsko Consulting

Guest: Caleb Mitchell MDIV, MAC, LPC, and Co-Owner of both The Phoenix Counseling Collective and The Wellness Collaborative

Episode Overview: In this insightful episode of the Integrated Leader Podcast, host Lauren Marie Kutsko and guest Caleb Mitchell, a seasoned therapist, delve into the critical component of emotional intelligence - social awareness. They explore its significance in leadership and team dynamics, emphasizing empathy, understanding, and effective communication.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Definition and Importance of Social Awareness:

    • Caleb Mitchell defines social awareness as the ability to 'read the room', understanding others' emotions and perspectives while being attuned to one's own reactions.
    • The role of social awareness in building strong relationships, resolving conflicts, and enhancing workplace effectiveness.
  2. Link Between Self-Regulation and Social Awareness:

    • Building on the previous episode's focus on self-regulation, this episode explores how social awareness complements and extends beyond self-regulation in leadership.
  3. Challenges in Leadership Meetings:

    • Discussion on how leaders often miss the emotional cues of their team, leading to ineffective meetings and lack of engagement.
    • The concept of meetings as shared energy sessions and the importance of two-way communication.
  4. Signs of Needing Improved Social Awareness:

    • Recognizing complaints as feedback, understanding team dynamics, and the importance of pushback from team members.
    • The dangers of a 'yes-man' environment and the value of dissenting opinions.
  5. Developing Social Awareness:

    • The foundational role of self-awareness in developing empathy.
    • Understanding and respecting diverse experiences and backgrounds.
    • The challenge of balancing empathy with leadership responsibilities.
  6. Leadership and Power Dynamics:

    • The need for leaders to relinquish some power to understand and empathize with their team's experiences.
    • The analogy of leading a ski trip as a metaphor for leadership challenges and learning.

Conclusion: Lauren Marie wraps up the episode by emphasizing the personal nature of business and the continuous journey of developing emotional intelligence.

Next Episode Teaser: Stay tuned for the next episode, where we will further explore the facets of emotional intelligence and their practical applications in leadership.

Contact Information:

  • Lauren Marie Kutsko: Website
  • Caleb Mitchell: Phoenix Counseling Collective and Wellness Collaborative

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