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Episode 2: Unlocking the Power of Self-Awareness in Leadership

Season #2

Title: Unlocking the Power of Self-Awareness in Leadership

Host: Lauren Marie Kutsko, Executive Coach and Co-Owner of Kutsko Consulting

Guest: Caleb Mitchell MDIV, MAC, LPC, and Co-Owner of both The Phoenix Counseling Collective and The Wellness Collaborative

Episode Overview: In this episode of the Integrated Leader Podcast, host Lauren Marie and guest Caleb Mitchell delve into the crucial role of self-awareness in effective leadership. They explore how self-awareness intersects with neuroscience, psychology, and ancient wisdom, offering a comprehensive understanding of this vital skill.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. The Essence of Self-Awareness:

    • Definition and importance in leadership.
    • Insights from Richard Rohr and the Dalai Lama on self-perception and leading oneself.
  2. Impact on Leadership:

    • The consequences of lacking self-awareness in a leadership role.
    • How self-awareness shapes decision-making, emotional responses, and interpersonal relationships.
  3. Developing Self-Awareness:

    • Caleb Mitchell's perspective on self-awareness as the foundation of emotional intelligence.
    • Practical advice for leaders to cultivate self-awareness, including seeking feedback and creating safe spaces for growth.
  4. The Role of Vulnerability:

    • Discussing the importance of accepting and understanding one's emotions.
    • The concept of being present and authentic in leadership, as opposed to projecting an idealized image.
  5. Practical Applications:

    • Strategies for leaders to identify their blind spots.
    • The importance of listening to others and oneself for genuine self-awareness.

Conclusion: The episode concludes with a teaser for the next topic, self-regulation, and a reminder of the podcast's core message: "Business is personal. So let's be good at it."

Upcoming Episodes: Stay tuned for discussions on self-regulation and practical tips for managing emotions in leadership.

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