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Elevating Your Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

Season #2

Episode Summary Welcome to Season 2 of The Integrated Leader podcast, hosted by Lauren Marie Kutsko. This season, we're diving deep into Emotional Intelligence, or as we term it, EQ. Join us as we explore the five key elements of EQ and discuss how mastering them can transform you into a more effective, empathetic, and impactful leader. What You'll Learn What Emotional Intelligence (EQ) really means and why it's crucial for leadership. The five key elements of EQ: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Social Awareness, and Social Regulation. How to apply EQ in various leadership scenarios, from crisis management to team motivation. Key Takeaways EQ is More Than Just a Buzzword: It's a critical skill set that every leader should develop. The Power of Self-Awareness: Understanding your own emotions is the first step to influencing others. Social Understanding: How to read the room and adapt your leadership style accordingly. Motivation Matters: Tap into your team's emotions, hopes, and fears to inspire and lead. EQ Can Be Learned: Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is not a fixed trait and can be developed over time. Featured Guest Caleb Mitchell, Therapist and Emotional Intelligence Expert Connect with Us Website: 

As we kick off this season, challenge yourself to explore your own EQ. Enhancing your emotional intelligence is the first step to becoming an integrated leader. Remember, business is personal. So let's be good at it.