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Develop Your Employees Continuously - Dimension 8

Season #1

Episode Title: Develop Your Employees Continuously - Dimension 8

Episode Summary: In this episode, we talk about the eighth of the 8 Dimensions of a Healthy Team, Team Development. We define what Team Development is, talk about why you need it and have a conversation about how it impacts the performance and outcomes of your team.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

  • We apologize for mistaking Idaho potatoes for Iowa potatoes [00:11:37]
  • Manager Tools coaching model [00:19:39]
    • Step 1: Collaborate with your employee to set a goal
    • Step 2: Collaborate to brainstorm the resources necessary to grow
    • Step 3: Collaborate to create a plan to grow, and
    • Step 4: The direct report acts and reports on the plan.
  • The Effective Manager book by Mark Horstman [00:20:35]
  • SMART goal criteria - [00:22:25]

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