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We are on a mission to revitalize the workplace. Will you join us?

We believe humble leaders who engage their teams will revitalize the workplace.

Our Core Values:






Our Approach

  • We invite our clients to experience being fully understood and having their true perspectives uncovered.
  • We bring a sense of calm into what can feel like chaos.
  • We hold space for unknowing.
  • We enter into tension with humility.
  • We bring confidence into our clients' scariest leadership moments.

Our Story

We believe every leader deserves access to the best tools, resources, and guidance in the world to help them grow healthy teams so they can win.


From my first encounter with a bad boss who lorded his authority over me to the time I received a Marcus Buckingham book as a gift from my mom in college, it has been important to me to enable people at work to feel more like they are at play.


But not in some hokey way that doesn't actually produce real results.


At Kutsko Consulting we search the globe looking for the best data-driven, research-backed tools, and management principles, and then we distill them into learnable, actionable practices that you can put on your calendar and do every day as you lead your team.


At times, seasoned and emerging leaders alike are faced with unexpected challenges and unwelcome obstacles.


Yet, most don't have a confidential, trusted sounding board space where they can be vulnerable, set personal growth goals, and get high-quality advice. This is something we all desperately need before we go into our next board meeting or one-on-one with a difficult employee.


For those scary, chaotic moments, the trusted advisors at Kutsko Consulting are available and on-call to respond, roll up our sleeves, and work collaboratively until the path is clear once again.


The paradox of management is that it takes simultaneous tough-nosed accountability paired with an authority that is compassionate, empathetic, and loving towards the members of your team whom you serve. That's the model we teach our leader clients and our certified HR professionals.

We are on a mission to revitalize the workplace. Will you join us?

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