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Actionable Results

Go beyond the data and develop proven strategies to bring out the best in your team.

Lead With Empathy

Gain confidence and meet the needs of your team that only an empathetic leader can understand.

Master Team Dynamics

Understand who is on your team and meet them at their level. A skill crucial for the new workplace in 2020.

“We have unique challenges in the medical field as it relates to growing healthy, empathetic teams.

Partnering with Kutsko Consulting made a huge difference as our team learned how to effectively communicate and work together in a productive, collaborative environment."

Actionable Results

Understand your team by having actionable data on each member combined to give you a full picture. Learn about how your team members work and how they work best together through proven assessments.

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Lead with Empathy

HR Leaders are now at the forefront of every workplace. Their role now demands more than ever. Regardless of how the new workplace operates, it’s crucial for HR leaders to have the skills required to not only keep up but lead the way at enabling management to develop thriving teams.

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Master Team Dynamics

Each team is a massively complex puzzle, always changing and evolving. Mastering the team’s dynamics is only possible when each team member is understood and their managers are meeting them where they are.

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“The Emotional Intelligence learning I participated in was one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had as a leader and I can’t wait for my whole team to be able to experience it too.”

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What's Included:

  • Everything you need to understand your unique leadership style, improve empathy for your team, and grow your emotional intelligence
  • Unprecedented understanding of your true talent, what drives you, how you tend to behave and what it's like for your team to work with you
  • New ways to understand and appreciate others
  • Increased health and effectiveness in your working relationships
  • Your TTI Talent Insights® report including DISC and 12 Driving Forces
  • And so much more

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