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What is an employee opinion survey?

An employee survey is central to determining employee engagement and how committed your employees are to your organization. An employee survey essentially measures how satisfied employees are with your organization. Respondents answer a number of questions related to their job satisfaction and other things management needs to understand. The data obtained from these survey questions can then be used by your leadership team to develop a plan to improve the quality of employee experience. When employees are engaged they are more productive. A well-crafted employee survey is a powerful organizational and communication tool.

What is Employee Satisfaction?

Employee opinion surveys help uncover your employees' level of engagement with their work. In order to measure employee engagement, the questions on the survey need to relate to:

  • working environment
  • compensation
  • workload
  • leadership
  • team
  • resources
  • job security
  • work-life balance

A healthy workforce will respond positively to a combination of these factors. Their performance and satisfaction with their work directly depend on how comfortable are they in their workplace, how valued, secure, and balanced they feel, and if they believe their workload is fair and that they have the support they need to do the job.

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Why Employee Engagement is Important

What is the difference between satisfaction and engagement? Employees need to be more than satisfied. Ideally, they need to be motivated and engaged with great work and feel valued and responsible. As Daniel Pink says, we all need autonomy, mastery, and purpose. A satisfaction survey can give you feedback on where your employees are on that scale and what leadership can do to address any areas for improvement.

There are four main reasons employee engagement is important:

  1. Productivity - Employee engagement affects performance. Survey questions can reveal aspects that are creating discontent within a team or across the company. If businesses address the feedback, they can boost performance.
  2. Retention - Happier employees are employees that stay. It costs so much to replace employees. Data analysis can be used to support and hold on to the good ones!
  3. Loyalty - Employees who feel cared for, appreciated, and satisfied will commit to a company and its goals. If they believe in your company, they'll rally their team and inspire growth.
  4. Identifying training opportunities - Investigating employee engagement can determine where there may be gaps in training and development. Employers can get direct feedback from survey answers as to what kind of training resources employees want and need.
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How to Measure Employee Satisfaction

How do employee surveys work? You can measure the level of employee satisfaction across your organization with an employee survey. In the past, these surveys were distributed infrequently, even annually. With new technology that makes surveying a quicker and simpler process, employee pulse surveys are becoming more popular and can help leaders identify and address issues in their organization sooner as well as track responses over time. Some surveys are anonymous. Surveys shouldn't be too long and the survey form should be easy to access and understand. If it's too long, employees will tune out. Artificial Intelligence can also be used to help HR partners crunch the data and extrapolate trends.

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An employee survey is a great organizational tool to determine what many people think about their work, their leaders and how satisfied and engaged they are in their role. By asking the right selection of questions, a survey can be the first step in developing an improvement plan for better engagement and longer term retention, loyalty, commitment and growth.

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