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Emotional Intelligence Certification Training


Get certified to use EQ assessments with your organization.


Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Learn to measure and coach Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence certification training is an accredited program for leaders, HR executives, facilitators, supervisors, and coaches to use the Emotional Intelligence framework to support and develop their employees.

With flexible hours and virtual courses, certification enables you to interpret EQ assessment results, facilitate learning sessions, and coach Emotional Intelligence skills. It gives you the foundation for developing effective leadership training programs and make informed decisions about employee performance and development.

You will be able to coach individuals to:

  • use their emotions intelligently
  • maximize their performance potential
  • build strong and stable relationships with their colleagues and management
  • develop robust communication tools that are rooted in self-awareness
  • increase their resilience through better management of their own emotions, triggers, and reactions
  • apply emotional intelligence principles in every facet of their lives

Overall you'll be able to make significant strides for your business and community in the areas of recruitment, training, leadership, and talent recruitment as well as retention.

Certification is an international standard, so you can apply it all over the world. It's easy to access, get started, and teach whether you intend to offer Emotional Intelligence classes or coach staff one on one.

How certification helps your staff

Putting knowledge into practice

It's one thing to know how Emotional Intelligence works. It's another thing to know how to put it into action in your organization. Being an Emotional Intelligence practitioner enables you to take that leap and make a positive, practical difference in the lives and careers of your employees. Leading HR experts agree that an Emotional Intelligence education is essential in every work context. Certification is especially beneficial in helping staff develop better relationships with each other and with management. Staff develop more self-awareness and have a positive influence on others by better understanding emotions, triggers and behavior patterns.

Being certified means you will be qualified to conduct your own Emotional Intelligence assessments, courses, and coaching with learners, responding more specifically to the team and individual needs of employees. You'll be trained to measure Emotional Intelligence results against established international benchmarks and use relevant research and theory to dissect, diagnose and communicate assessments to staff according to best practices.

You'll be able to identify high-performing individuals and recognize learning opportunities. You'll also gain skills in developing courses, programs, or coaching for a person based on their results.

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Emotional Intelligence Assessments
Emotional Intelligence Assessments

How certification helps your organization

Stronger together

Being able to provide practical tools and skills for Emotional Intelligence is a game-changer in any organization or business that is ready to take growth to the next level. Coaching employees in Emotional Intelligence helps leaders to develop their capabilities and allows each person in the organization to have the opportunity to participate in shaping professional goals. This opens up opportunities for growth and goal setting across the company. Emotional Intelligence training opens the whole company up to its latent potential through its most important asset - its people.

Emotional Intelligence is essential to any professional development program. Ensuring that employees have a higher Emotional Quotient is healthy for leaders and managers, customer service, sales and marketing, operations, fundraising, finance, your executive team, and board of directors. At its core, it helps people, whatever their background, learn to communicate better, collaborate more smoothly, problem-solve, and generally become more resilient and effective at work.

The five skills that make up Emotional Intelligence are unequivocally accepted as the most critical competencies for organizational leaders to master. Most large global organizations have Emotional Intelligence assessments in their leadership development programs and many studies indicate that staff struggling in their role, whether as a manager or individual contributor tend to have lower Emotional Intelligence scores.

Having people in your organization who are certified to deliver Emotional Intelligence assessments, training, and coaching is crucial to the health and growth of your organization as a whole.

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Why Emotional Intelligence is Important

Invest in yourself and your organization

Emotional Intelligence is a set of five really useful competencies that are positive, practical and can support your staff in their personal as well as professional lives. They also significantly drive employee and business performance. Beyond IQ and technical expertise, Emotional Intelligence is what differentiates top performers. It's a core set of skills that enables people to understand their own emotions and operating systems, as well are those around them. Developing self-awareness is an ongoing process and is therefore always relevant as we are constantly developing and improving on ourselves. Emotional Intelligence helps navigate relationships, leading toward common understanding and steering away from conflict. They are very personal life skills that get to the core of who we are as people, giving us resources to better understand ourselves and work together effectively with others. Emotional Intelligence resources will influence how we behave and interact with others as we learn to support ourselves and our emotions in a positive way. A proficiency in Emotional Intelligence can help improve decision-making capacity, enhance focus, boost well-being, tackle conflict, foster teamwork, improve mentoring skills, increase productivity, improve retention of talent and help grow networking skills.

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Emotional Intelligence Assessments

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