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Collaboration can be difficult because everyone has different ways of working. DISC is a great tool to understand the different styles on your team and then build synergy.

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What is a DISC assessment?

You can use DISC assessments to determine the different communication styles you have on your team. Choosing the right DISC assessment provider that includes an evaluation of motivation can give you a complete picture of how and why people do the things they do. Armed with this knowledge, you can then incorporate the DISC profiles into team building to help people understand themselves and their colleagues better. Not only can you integrate personality data into efforts with your existing team, but a DISC assessment can be a useful tool for recruitment and restructuring as well. Anytime you are changing the mix of people and personalities, it is helpful to have accurate information about the people on your team.

Our DISC tools, evaluation, and training give you skills to build better relationships, communicate with your team and understand what motivates people. It will help you uncover your team's strengths as well as vulnerabilities so you can build an even stronger team.

Personality Types at Work

DISC assessments measure employee behavior. It's not an assessment of who they believe themselves to be, but the questions asked in the survey give an indication of how a person will behave in different situations. It reveals people's approaches to life and work, how people interact together, and how they think, problem solve and create. It gives insight as to how people build relationships. This is a powerful organizational tool to improve employee performance as well as team building. The benefits are twofold. Firstly, it's helpful for employees to understand their own abilities and personality traits to harness their full potential. Secondly, it's helpful for groups of people to understand the mix of personalities so they can work together better. Effective teams are those that have leaders that understand how and why their team members operate, can play to their strengths, address weak points, and build cohesion between the personality profiles in their team.

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Behavioral Styles

Effective teams have different skills and natural abilities which they utilize collectively toward common goals. Working collaboratively involves overcoming a number of common challenges. First, groups must have excellent communication. They need to develop working relationships despite differences in communication style or approaches to tasks. Positive communication also depends on dominant personalities making room for more reserved personality types. The group needs to overcome disagreements and set any personal preferences aside in favor of an agreed-upon approach or outcome. It's no wonder it's difficult for companies to obtain success with all these challenges. Looking at DISC personalities and styles makes the task much easier for management. Using DISC is like having a secret weapon that allows you to uncover the talent hidden inside each member of your team. Using DISC to design team roles and action plans, organizations can create teams that are more productive, communicate effectively, work together with synergy, have positive relationships, and can have fun together too. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge gained from DISC is a powerful leadership tool. It helps managers understand the behavior of their staff and drive strategies for dealing with different behavioral styles and combining different styles in the smartest way for any given team.

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Team Strategies

When a team is aware of the DISC styles of their colleagues then they're better able to not only understand one another but also adapt their own behavior and communication to find a common language. This is a huge step in building successful team norms. Leadership is a lot about negotiating different personalities and guiding them toward a common goal. Leaders can use DISC to better manage the different personalities on their team through understanding how the various styles interact. It can also help them achieve the right mix of personalities on a team. For example, it's problematic having too many dominant personalities on a team as there would be constant jostling for power. Likewise, you wouldn't want to just have compliant or conscientious personality types on one team as they would be too risk-averse and the team would likely have problems being innovative and transitioning from planning to execution.

For teams that are full of conflict, DISC is an essential tool to help find common ground. Where it is difficult for teams to communicate, understanding what different personalities are on the team and their preferences can help the team design plans for interaction and best practices for meetings and processes for collaborative projects. Where team members have tendencies that naturally tend to cause conflict or exert dominance, leaders can better manage these tendencies. They can try to influence more positive behaviors and interactions through awareness of the 'default' mode people can fall into. DISC insights enable a company to use team-building tools and strategies to address the different types of workers and build the most productive team.

Our service will give you practical tips on how to use the insight gained from DISC with your team. We can help you design training and team-building exercises to set your team up for success.

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“When I started as the Chief Talent and Culture Officer and began getting to know my new team, the work that Kutsko Consulting had done before I arrived was incredibly helpful.  It was a crucial part of my first 30-day plan and made it much easier for me to do my job.  We are now off and running!”

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Hiring Insight

DISC is an invaluable resource when recruiting a new hire onto your team. It can help managers assess a candidate's suitability for the role, their strengths as well as areas for improvement. Importantly, if a manager already knows the DISC personality of existing team members, they can then determine whether the potential candidate would be a good fit with those personalities. This can pre-empt a lot of problems later down the line. When recruiting, it's not just about a candidate's ability to do the job, but how they will collaborate with others. You could have a well-qualified candidate for the job, but if they're going to create conflict in the workplace, they're not the best candidate.

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