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Supervisory training

What is supervisory training?

Supervisory training teaches supervisors the new skills they need to lead employees. Our supervisor training program gives supervisors effective leadership skills and techniques in communication to support them transitioning to this role and becoming a successful manager.

This course is leadership development for new supervisors and managers, the aspiring supervisor, those who haven't undertaken any formal leadership development before, and those leadership veterans who want to sharpen their skills. Our Supervisor training program covers key communication skills, delegation techniques, managing and motivating teams, monitoring performance, managing conflict, applying leadership principles and how to support organizational objectives.

Supervisors are really involved in the day to day management of people and need to have a real hands-on understanding of the complexities of the work their team is undertaking. Our supervisory training program aims to arm them with the skills to have that understanding.

The course materials, digital and online components, coaching and live feedback all contribute to giving a supervisor a holistic leadership makeover.

Instructor Led Training

New supervisors have to hit the ground running and are expected to know a lot about human behavior they might not have experienced in any role previously. People are often promoted to supervisor after having performed really well in their previous role, but without having proven themselves as a leader or participating in any formal supervisor training courses.

Success in individual performance alone will not assure success as a supervisor, since the skill set involved to lead people is very different from what it takes to perform as an individual contributor. Our supervisor training program equips new supervisors and managers with the key human resource skills of communication, delegating responsibilities, and motivating people so new supervisors don't feel completely out of their depth.

Equipped with the fundamental skills of how to relate to and manage a team, supervisory training really gives new supervisors the confidence they need to tackle the supervisory challenges that the role will bring.

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Supervisory training
Supervisory training

Dealing with conflict

A supervisory role requires excellent people skills. It's relatively easy to manage people when everyone's getting along and doing their job, but supervisors and managers need robust interpersonal skills to be able to deal with conflict. Conflict, and at least management of different personalities, agendas and collaboration across teams and departments, is an inevitable part of supervising teams.

A supervisory training program in the basics of proactive interpersonal skills and conflict resolution prepares supervisors for some of the most difficult aspects of their role.

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Tailored to you

Our supervisor training program starts with a specific assessment of your situation and organization to determine your training needs. Our program has developed 8 blended learning modules which include the assessment, coaching and live feedback you need to help supervisors understand their teams and promote effective collaboration.

By the end of their training, your new supervisors will understand the role of a supervisor and know exactly what's expected of them. The supervisor training program equips supervisors and managers with all the basic skills of how to make decisions, manage and motivate the people on their team.

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Supervisory training

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“The Emotional Intelligence learning I participated in was one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had as a leader and I can’t wait for my whole team to be able to experience it too.”

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The Bottom Line

Supervisor training is an 8 module blended learning leadership course for supervisors and managers. It's based on our years of consulting with clients employing thousands of people. Our supervisor training involves assessment, coaching, and live feedback to enable supervisors to gain the new skills and resources they need to lead in their workplaces. Participants will learn all the key tools for success in their supervisory roles including interpersonal and communication skills, delegation, organization, and performance assessment.

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