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Certified DISC Training

DISC certified trainers use William Marston's DISC theory in combination with the research-backed assessments from TTISI to enhance your professional development. Once trained, your team will be able to build DISC profiles and accurately interpret the results for individuals throughout your organization. From there, your certified DISC professionals will be able to assist supervisors, managers, and executives as they support the people they lead.

Everything DISC

HR and talent management professionals are looking for a superior alternative to Everything DiSC. Developing individuals in the areas of leadership, management training, sales training, and team building require more advanced resources than the Everything DiSC Manual. Our DISC Certification training is the professional's comprehensive guide to the research that supports your team's learning and development goals. Don't settle for the Everything DiSC suite of assessments.

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DISC Certification

Earn DISC certification by completing Kutsko Consulting's online DISC certification self-paced DISC workplace certification. Work with an in-house DISC trainer to earn the credentials needed to be a get certified as a DISC trainer in your workplace. Build a DISC model for your teams and administer DISC training as a facilitator.

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DISC Profiles

Understand your DISC profile with our online DISC certification. Upon successful completion of a DISC assessment, you will receive a DISC profile. Your DISC profile outlines your specific behavior model. You can use this behavior model to understand your working and communication styles to be most effective.

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“When I started as the Chief Talent and Culture Officer and began getting to know my new team, the work that Kutsko Consulting had done before I arrived was incredibly helpful.  It was a crucial part of my first 30-day plan and made it much easier for me to do my job.  We are now off and running!”

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