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What is the Enneagram test?

The Enneagram test involves individual self assessment on personality. The enneagram test has its roots in ancient archetypes and identifies nine personality types. Each individual on your team can complete a survey in order to determine their enneagram number. The tests involve a range of statements requiring a spontaneous answer on how much a person agrees or disagrees with the statement. The team assessment can then clarify how interactions between individuals can impact collaboration and team outcomes.


Individual personality test benefits

The Enneagram is a powerful personality test that fast-tracks self-awareness and gives employees a framework for understanding themselves and the way they interact with others. This insight uncovers professional development pathways and communication strategies. It's helpful in enabling people to identify core emotions and in doing so, improves compassion, motivation and productivity. An Enneagram test helps people think about why they do what they do and improves their relationships as a result. It's an invaluable reflective tool that allows people to harness their strengths, mitigate their weaknesses, and set a course for further growth.

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Team Enneagram

Enneagram assessments can help teams discover their personality types and develop a dominant motivational style based on the collective styles of all personality types on the team. The enneagram type descriptions provide a framework for understanding team conflict and challenges. It short circuits the blame game, allowing teams to take responsibility for the way they work, learn and interact. Working with the results can empower teams with practical knowledge on how they can improve communication, question biases and use personality descriptions to free each other from personal judgements. It's an important tool for not only improving working relationships and team productivity, but also business processes.


Enneagram benefits for organizations

Exploring Enneagram types enables organizations to create a true picture of their human capital from the inside out. It builds a culture of understanding and tolerance, and companies can leverage the knowledge gained from the personality tests to improve performance, productivity, and change management. It builds organizational integrity and allows for an accurate analysis and strategy that is grounded in data. Since the enneagram questions elicit personal insight, they can be a real wake up call for individuals. They can change a life. On a mass scale across the whole organization, this means individuals can collectively affect change and achieve results for not just their department, but the whole organization and impact the world around them. The tests enable organizations to develop policies and procedures which embed cultural change and positive communication practices.

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