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A working group to grow your Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence

Self-Awareness – Self-Regulation – Motivation – Social Awareness – Social Regulation


Our Perception (i.e. self-awareness and awareness of others) can be our most significant resource as leaders.

Without the knowledge of what is happening internally within ourselves and the ability to see the interpersonal dynamics at play in our work environment, we can misstep, causing costly mistakes both with personnel and our overall organizational strategy, not to mention negatively impacting our own lives.

But, trying to learn the skill of perception on the job can seem daunting and dangerous. Because you are the leader, there are few arenas to honestly wrestle with and freely express your most puzzling situations. This working group’s purpose is to provide this very type of confidential environment as well as tools and perspectives to use in your current context.

What the Perception Group offers:

  • A confidential space outside of your organization with others who are in similar leadership contexts
  • A highly experiential learning environment where participants bring current leadership challenges to process with the group and discover solutions that fit their context
  • An Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment to help you better gauge your own self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social awareness, and social regulation
  • A confidential, one-on-one session to review the results of your EQ assessment with Lauren Marie Kutsko of Kutsko Consulting.
  • Practical tools and education on interpersonal neurobiology to help you strengthen EQ and thus be a more effective leader
  • Professional group facilitation by Loren Kutsko of Kutsko Consulting and Caleb Mitchell of The Phoenix Counseling Collective
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Emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence

What to expect

Psychometric Assessment: After registering, you will receive a link to complete an online assessment. This will give you a baseline of your EQ and a better understanding of HOW and WHY you operate as a person, and by extension as a leader.

Confidential One-on-One Review: After completing the assessment, you will receive an in-depth 60-page report all about you and have the opportunity to have a two-hour one-on-one discovery session with a professional coach from Kutsko Consulting. This can happen anytime after registration in person or virtually.

Weekend Deep Dive: You will spend a weekend with other leaders to learn about the 5 dynamics of Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts your organization and you as a leader. There will be time for camaraderie and conversation with your peers about how these dynamics play out in your specific situation.

Professional Group Sessions:
There will be 4 weeks of 1.5-hour group sessions to reinforce following our weekend together. Leaders can bring experiences from the week into the group to process and get coaching around real-life situations happening for the leader in his or her organization.

These Perception Groups are a collaboration between The Phoenix Counseling Collective and Kutsko Consulting.

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