Leadership Perception Group

A Working Group to Grow Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Self-Awareness • Self-Regulation • Motivation • Social Awareness • Social Regulation


Do you struggle to make big decisions or make them too quickly sometimes?

Are you confused by the responses (or lack of response) of the people who work for you?

"...individuals high in emotional intelligence pay attention to, use, understand, and manage emotions, and these skills serve adaptive functions that potentially benefit themselves and others."

Peter Salovey and John “Jack” Mayer

"When I compared star performers with average ones in senior leadership positions, nearly 90% of the difference in their profiles was attributed to emotional intelligence factors rather than cognitive abilities."

Daniel Goleman
Author, Behavioral Science Journalist

"EQ, which reflects and strengthens a person's right-brain skills, enhances self-awareness and increases humility. It is far more beneficial for the team — regardless of their skill set."

Gary Burnison
CEO of Korn Ferry
Self-Awareness and Awareness of Others are your greatest resources as a leader or entrepreneur. Without the ability to clearly assess what is happening internally with ourselves and the interpersonal dynamics at play in our work environment, we can misstep causing costly mistakes both with personnel and our overall organizational strategy, not to mention negatively impact our own personal life.
Often, as the leader, there are few arenas to honesty wrestle with and freely express your most puzzling situations.
This working group’s purpose is to to provide this very type of confidential environment as well as tools and perspectives to use in your current context.
What the Perception Group Offers:
  • A Confidential space outside of your organization with others who are in similar leadership contexts

  • A Highly experiential learning environment where participants bring current leadership challenges to process with the group and discover solutions that fit their context

  • An Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment to help you better gauge your own self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social-awareness, and social-regulation

  • Confidential, one-on-one session to review the results of your EQ assessment 
  • Practical tools to help strengthen EQ and thus be a more effective leader
  • Professional group facilitation by Loren Kutsko and Caleb Mitchell (see bios below)

This 8-week group meets on Thursdays from 1-3pm beginning on Thursday, April 4 and runs through to May 23 2019. Seating is limited to 10 people.


Caleb Mitchell

MDIV, MAC, LPC, Co-Founder, The Phoenix Counseling Collective

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with a myriad of people, including many entrepreneurs, pastors, and other community leaders as they explore how their internal process impacts the whole of their life. I teach mindfulness skills to help regulate emotional reactivity and help people choose more effective ways to exist in the world.

As a business owner, I am involved in the day to day grind of managing personnel, customer experience, systems, and whatever else comes down the pike. I am also trying to anticipate the next steps of growth and attempting to lead others on that path.

When I’m not running the practice, you can find me hanging out with my family, working on some home project, reading a good book on the back porch, or trying to keep up with Loren on the ski run.

Loren Kutsko

TTISI Certified in EQ, DISC & 12 Driving Forces

As a coach, I work one-on-one with my clients to help them achieve their personal, professional and investment goals through career advancement and local small business ownership.

I also work with business and nonprofit leaders on identifying and overcoming the people related obstacles and challenges that are slowing down or preventing them from accomplishing their most critical organizational objectives.

When I'm not helping others overcome their next major work challenge, you’ll find me playing outside in the mountains with my kids, hopefully on a double black diamond ski run somewhere.