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Building Trust on Your Team Course

On-demand leadership development with live support and guidance to help managers, executives, and learning & development professionals build trust on the teams throughout their organizations.

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Who’s it for?


You are responsible for the performance of multiple direct reports. Learn to create an environment of psychological safety so your team exceeds your expectations.

Executive Leaders

You are responsible for multiple direct reports who also have direct reports. Learn to build trust so the executives on your team can move beyond silos and conflict avoidance.

Learning & Development Professionals

You are responsible for the growth and development of many teams throughout your organization. Develop your expertise at transforming leadership and managing effective change.

Do you ever feel like:

  • You're unsure when to be tough and when to be lenient with your employees?
  • You don't want to micromanage but you want to make sure things are getting done?
  • You're not getting the creativity you were expecting from your team?
  • Your employees are trying not to get caught making a mistake rather than taking responsibility for what needs to get done?
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“The work that the team at Kutsko Consulting does to help our team understand one another and work together more effectively has been extremely beneficial. We use their assessments and get their insight before we make any major hiring decisions.”

By the end of this program, you'll have mastered:

Defining Trust for an Organizational Team

Identifying What Trust Looks Like on a Team

Comparing Managers Who Build Trust to Those Who Do Not

Predicting Team Success Based on Trust Level

Demonstrating Your Ability to Build Trust on Your Team

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Each lesson expands your leadership potential

Increase your leadership capacity beyond what is naturally there. Learn the skills and behaviors of people who build trust.











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  • 5 course sections with 34 micro lessons that breaks complex topics down into short-form, stand-alone units of study
  • Step-by-step activities to apply to the challenges your team is facing right now
  • Downloadable templates
  • Knowledge checks to help reinforce what you learned
  • 12 step-by-step PDF leadership guides to simplify your day to day challenges
  • Support and guidance from experts when you need it
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Meet Your Guide

Meet your guide, Loren Kutsko headshot image

Loren Kutsko

Loren has guided hundreds of executives, team leaders, and individual contributors as they grow their leadership effectiveness and develop their employees. His primary role at Kutsko Consulting is to design, develop, and coach the leadership development programs they implement for their clients.

Prior to starting Kutsko Consulting with Lauren Marie, Loren managed an IT department at Indiana University, was the Chief Information Officer at Food for the Hungry and the Chief Operating Officer at Brushfire Interactive.

While at Food for the Hungry, Loren was able to experience traveling to 14 of the world's poorest countries and collaborating with people from many more. This experience helped him to quickly learn and adapt to a variety of cultures and work styles. Assembling and aligning diverse teams of professionals across multiple continents taught him about the importance of listening and understanding other perspectives before declaring his own. 

Loren is certified in DISC, 12 Driving Forces, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through TTI Success Insights and earned his Bachelor of Science from the Indiana University School of Informatics. He has taught Entrepreneurship at Phoenix College where he enjoyed helping his students get their own small businesses launched.

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