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Align Your Team with Empathy

Get the most from your team by taking them through our 12-week hybrid learning program and start winning together today

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Actionable Results

Go beyond the data and develop proven strategies to bring out the best in your team.

Lead With Empathy

Gain confidence and meet the needs of your team that only an empathetic leader can understand.

Master Team Dynamics

Understand who is on your team and meet them at their level. A skill crucial for the new workplace in 2020.

"My experience with the team at Kutsko Consulting was beyond satisfactory!

Working closely with Loren made a high impact on the beginning of my leadership experience.

Early on my team needed adjusting, and I need to refine my manager skills; Loren helped make the process go efficiently."

Actionable Results

Understand your team by having actionable data on each member combined to give you a snapshot of your culture. Learn about how your team members work and how they work best together through proven assessments.

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Lead with Empathy

Leaders play a critical role at the forefront of every workplace. Your role now demands agility more than ever. Regardless of how the new workplace operates, it’s crucial for leaders like you to have the skills required to not only keep up but lead the way at developing teams that thrive.

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Master Team Dynamics

Each team is a massively complex puzzle, always changing and evolving. Mastering your team’s dynamics is only possible when each team member is understood and you are fully equipped to meet each person where they are at their best.

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“The work that the team at Kutsko Consulting does to help our team understand one another and work together more effectively has been extremely beneficial. We use their assessments and get their insight before we make any major hiring decisions.”

Grow a Healthy Team

What's Included:

  • Everything you need to improve empathy, incentivize healthy behavior, and grow the emotional intelligence on your team
  • An assessment (TTI TriMetrix EQ) for you and each person on your team outlining their behavioral style (DISC), what drives their behavior (12DF), and their emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • A live, virtual, one-on-one review of the assessment results for each person on your team
  • A custom team dashboard summarizing the strengths, weaknesses, energizers, stressors and culture of your team
  • Access to our software so you can distribute and manage assessments for your team
  • 12 weeks of custom guidance on how to most quickly and effectively get up to speed with your new team
  • Training on the critical management practices that will make the most difference in your day to day leadership of your team 
  • Ongoing support on how to best utilize talent assessments on your team
  • Unlimited access to all content for you and each person on your team
  • Weekly facilitated group Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited calls and texts with your guide
  • And so much more

Align Your Team Today