the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses; a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

The Perception Group

Effective, Inspiring leadership starts with the skill of Perception.

The Perception Group Provides

education, tools, and practice

Education – Understand the 5 dynamics of emotional intelligence & psychological foundations

Tools – Personalized assessment and skill training

Practice – Weekly coaching and group support to help you grow as a leader

What to Expect


Amplify your perception through the power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Our course is meticulously designed to explore the psychological roots that intertwine mind, body, and external stimuli, tailored specifically for leaders seeking to enhance their insight and decision-making skills. Discover how mastering the five critical dimensions of EQ can not only prevent common leadership pitfalls but also significantly elevate your leadership effectiveness.



TTI’s renowned assessments, including DISC, Driving Forces, and EQ, empower individuals and teams to gain profound insights into their own behaviors, motivations, and emotional intelligence. These assessments act as catalysts for growth, designed to increase self-awareness and foster a deeper understanding of others. By integrating TTI’s powerful tools, we provide a roadmap for personal development and enhanced collaboration, helping each participant navigate the complexities of interpersonal dynamics with confidence. Dive into our offerings to discover how these assessments can transform your perception, enrich team interactions, and elevate your professional journey.



Embedding new skills into daily routines requires consistent practice and reflection. Our program includes a structured regimen of weekly calls, allowing for ongoing dialogue, personalized feedback, and accountability. Participants will engage in practical homework assignments tailored to their unique development goals, ensuring the application of learned concepts into real-world scenarios. This approach not only reinforces the principles of Emotional Intelligence but also cultivates an environment where participants can experiment, reflect, and evolve. By participating in our practice sessions, you'll gain the momentum needed to make lasting changes, enhancing your leadership capabilities and interpersonal effectiveness. Through this continuous cycle of learning and application, we empower leaders not just to understand but truly embody the transformative power of Emotional Intelligence in their professional and personal lives. 

Who We Are

Lauren Marie and Caleb have been friends for 20 years. With their families living less than a mile away, these two families have a long-standing tradition of Friday Night Dinners together. These dinners are everyone's highlight of the week providing space to witness the beauty, tragedy, and complexity of life.

Caleb Mitchell

MDIV, MAC, LPC, Co-Founder, The Phoenix Counseling Collective

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with a myriad of people, including many entrepreneurs, pastors, and other community leaders as they explore how their internal process impacts the whole of their life. I teach mindfulness skills to help regulate emotional reactivity and help people choose more effective ways to exist in the world.

As a business owner, I am involved in the day to day grind of managing personnel, customer experience, systems, and whatever else comes down the pike. I am also trying to anticipate the next steps of growth and attempting to lead others on that path.

When I’m not running the practice with my wife, you can find me hanging out with my family, working on some home project, skiing, or reading a good book on the back porch.

Lauren Marie Kutsko

TTISI Certified in EQ, DISC & Human Motivation, Co-Founder of Kutsko Consulting

As a coach, I work one-on-one with my clients to help them achieve their personal, professional and investment goals through career advancement and local small business ownership.

I also work with business and nonprofit leaders on identifying and overcoming the people-related obstacles and challenges that are slowing down or preventing them from accomplishing their most critical organizational objectives.

When I'm not helping others overcome their next major work challenge, you’ll find me playing outside in the mountains.

The Perception Group Podcast

The podcast where the art of perception meets the science of leadership.


The Perception Group

A Place To Grow Your Emotional Intelligence