Hi! We are Loren and Lauren Marie Kutsko.

We love trying new things, challenging the status quo, and uncovering the unique ways individuals are gifted to serve. We don’t love being told what to do or squeezed into a box.  Which is why we decided to quit our day jobs and work on what truly matters to us, supporting teams as they do their best work in changing our world for the better. 

We started our own business in 2015, and took what we already loved doing as a hobby into a business. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about building healthy teams and equipping them to change the world! 

We started this website as a way to document our work and share what we have learned with other teams along the way.  We quickly realized that there wasn’t a whole lot of down to earth, honest and non-jargony information about leadership and healthy teams on the web.  So we set out to change that. 

This site has grown into a top resource for leaders everywhere.  Our guides have helped many people break out of their comfort zones and embark on their true callings - which we love hearing about when you reach out to us. 

We also organize and host gatherings to bring together Arizona leaders for a time of community and learning.  We have online webinars and live events to help explore emotional intelligence, your unique motivations and more. 

We are grateful every day that we get the opportunity to change lives for the better - and we're having a blast doing it!  Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope it helps you discover and validate your leadership style and help you grow a healthy team. 


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